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Islanders at Heart

Welcome to the Greenwoods Eldercare Society website. 

As the chairperson of the Board of Directors, it is heartening for me to look at the smiles on the faces in the photos posted here.  Our caring and compassionate staff and committed team of volunteers, recognize that it is a privilege to “work inside the home” of our residents rather than seeing Greenwoods and Braehaven as facilities.  

Message from the Board Chairperson

The sense of caring is evident in the little things that we see every day – a shared chuckle, deciding on the best treats to give to our resident cats, looking at family photos and sharing stories, working in the gardens and sitting in the sun.  All of these nuances mean home, not hospital and that is exactly what we want to continue creating – a welcoming home for those who need some extra support.

Our programmes are varied and range from the outreach to independent seniors and their families done through our Family Liaison, to the complex care provided to our residents with the greatest needs.  We offer information for navigating this “business of aging,” Community Bathing in a safe environment, an Adult Day Program, Meals on Wheels, Assisted Living and Complex Care.  

As we look toward the future, our goal is to become even more resident-focused, addressing the individual interest and goal areas of each of the folks who live in these buildings.  Our hope is to find new ways to provide outreach programmes for the community and to help people navigate their way more easily through the aging process.

Thank you for visiting our website and if you have ideas or questions that aren’t answered on the website, give Greenwoods a call.


Barb Aust