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Islanders at Heart

Renovation and Repair

Timelines and Updates

​​Completed Projects

  • July-October 2014  - The Stan Sage garden and the Blain Road side garden
  • July-October 2014 - The renovation of the exterior cladding of Greenwoods
  • Summer 2014 and ongoing - Disaster Planning, Response and Staff Training
  • Summer 2014 - Sunshades Installation Project
  • Summer 2014 - Fire Suppression Project
  • Spring 2014 - Courtyard Renovation
  • Spring 2014 - Staircase to Seniors for Seniors centre
  • Winter 2014 - Silent Callbell System installation completed and linked with Elopement Prevention System

New and Ongoing Projects

  • Spring 2018- Resident Shower Room
  • January 2018-Staff Shower/Restroom
  • Winter 2017-Heat Pump Installation
  • Summer 2017-Dining Room Painting Project 
  • March 2016- Resident Room Ceiling Lifts. Greenwoods was able to obtain capital funding in the amount of $202,000 from Island Health in March 2016, to install ceiling lifts in the remaining 24 complex care rooms. This will happen over the summer of 2016 and will have an impact on providing better care for those residents who require support when being lifted and turned. It will also contribute to staff well-being in that the ceiling lifts can reduce back strain largely associated with turning and lifting less mobile residents. We are thankful for this support from Island Health. 
  • Spring-Summer 2016 - Front Office Upgrade. We are very appreciative of the Greenwoods Foundation for having agreed to assist with refreshing the front office area at Greenwoods. This will happen over the Spring and Summer and will make the entry into the facility a pleasant and bright one. As they say, "First impressions are lasting impressions..."