Update August 3, 2015

Here are a few pictures from our very happy garden! (click on the pictures for a larger view)

Update March 4, 2015

More progress for our Blain Road Garden! (click on the image for a larger view)

PHASE 2 of the Garden Project is fully funded and starting May 12 2014

The side garden adjacent to Blain Road is being fully redeveloped to better meet residents' needs. This project is the result of residents requesting more accessible and usable outdoor space.

The project is funded by the Greenwoods Foundation and the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation.

Peter Oro has designed the new garden space for us and the work will begin on or about May 12. The current timelines are as follows:

  • May 12-17 tree work and removal of old paving surfaces
  • May 19-31 stone retaining walls installed
  • June 2-13 installation of new pavers
  • June 16-28 planter boxes, utility shed and handrails installed

The goal is to have the project ready for the months of early July to early October.

Unfortunately, the cherry blossom tree roots are interfering with the ground the pavers must sit on and are placing our building foundation at risk. As the result of these factors, the trees will have to be removed. The large Conifer trees will also have to be removed due to their interference with the hydro lines, damage to the gazebo roof and fences and the roots affecting the levelness of the paving stones and integrity of the retaining walls. We will be planting new trees with shallow root structures (possiblyJapanese Maples) once the project in completed.

The side garden will not be accessible during the term of the project but we look forward to having a much more usable space for years to come.

Update April 1, 2015

We have been working very hard getting our Blain Road Garden planted and looking beautiful! (click on the image for a larger view)

The Garden Projects

Update January 21, 2015

Here are some photos (above) of our updated Sage Garden, complete with its new sign! (click on the image for a larger view)​

Update - November 19, 2014

We are thrilled that the Legion of SSI is donating another $1,500 from the POPPY FUND to the Blain Road side garden (a total of $3,000) for additional plantings.  Grateful appreciation expressed from the residents who will enjoy the garden for years to come.

We are awaiting suitable weather to finalize the last hardscaping details (that is, the physical elements of the garden) on the Stan Sage garden.  Planting will take place in early spring. 

Update - November 13, 2014

The Legion of SSI has kindly donated $1,500 toward plantings for the Blain Road side garden.  We will be making selections over the coming months to prepare for spring planting.  The residents send their great appreciation to the Legion membership for this and every gift they have provided to Greenwoods.

Update - September 24, 2014

The opening of the Blain Road side garden (phase 2 of the project) has been delayed due to problems with the dining room atrium retaining wall.  These issues have been evaluated and a contractor has been hired to repair the wall.  We hope to open the space by mid October. Thanks for your patience!

Update - July 22, 2014

The Blain Road side garden (phase 2) walkway, retaining wall, planters and beds are now complete.  We are working on organizing the landscaping portion of the project as well as completing the unexpected repairs necessary to the dining room atrium wall.  The garden should be open for a stroll within two weeks.  In the meantime, resident and families can access the centre courtyard and the garden area adjacent to the exit door by the Ivan Larson room and Carla’s office/activity centre. 


The Braehaven side garden (the Stan Sage Garden) remains a work in progress - but remains on schedule for a September completion.  

We thank everyone for their patience during this transition;  we are aware that having outdoor spaces under construction during the summer season is not ideal - but it is the only time we can get the projects done efficiently and prepare for the growing season in spring.  If you need information on how to access the outdoor spaces that are available, please speak to Carla Malloy in the activity centre. 


Update May 7, 2014

PHASE 3 of the Garden Project (the Stan Sage Garden Project) is fully funded and starting July 2014

The side garden between Braehaven and Greenwoods is being fully redeveloped to better meet resident’s needs. As with Phase 2 of the garden projects this phase is the result of residents requesting more accessible and usable outdoor space.

The project is funded by the Lions Club of Salt Spring Island and will be named in honour of long time Lion and Greenwoods resident Stan Sage.

Peter Oro has designed Phase 3 of the project and the start date, though not specified yet, will likely be early July.

The goal is to have the project completed by September and prepared for spring 2015. The garden will include planter boxes for vegetables and an herb garden as well as a composting area and greenhouse.The plan will include a horticulture therapy program that involves the residents growing food for Greenwood's kitchen.

Though this space will not be available for use during the project the new garden (Phase 2) will be ready and accessible prior to Phase 3 beginning so outdoor space will be accessible throughout the summer months.

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We're very excited about our new compost bins!

Update March 2017

Our plan for this year: We want to have a pick your own salad garden so we are planting all types of lettuces, Swiss chard, kale, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Last year's plants generously donated by The Taylor family. Thank you so much for making the garden project happen.

Update May 13, 2015

Gordon Lee has generously donated his time and labour to trim and clear tree branches to increase sunshine in the Stan Sage Garden.  The Garden will be much brighter and the sunshine will support the vegetables and flowers we will be growing this summer thanks to Gordon.  Great appreciation to Gordon Lee “The Tree Guy LTD” for this generous donation.