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Please note:  Our regular Update Bulletins (most recent
January 14, 2022) can be found by clicking here

Currently, visitors to Greenwoods and Braehaven have certain restrictions. Click here for an important update (January 14, 2022).
Essential visits include compassionate visits for end-of-life care and visits that support care plans for residents based on resident and family needs, for example, families who routinely visit to provide assistance with meals or mobility or for reassurance for those with dementia.
Essential visitors supporting a resident’s care will be required to register with our team. Registering will ensure that a discussion occurs to determine if the visit is essential, and confirm that the visitor understands the necessary infection control practices such as good handwashing and visiting in the resident’s private room.  In order to restrict the number of people entering the facility, families are encouraged to identify one essential visitor for their loved one.  
Paid companions are also considered essential visitors and will need to register. 
When you enter Greenwoods or Braehaven, there will be a team member at reception to greet you, to check if you are an essential visitor or to register you and to ensure you wash your hands. 
We are continuing to monitor the evolving situation carefully and are modifying our response plans as needs develop.  
Please visit the BC Centre for Disease Control  website at for more information.