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Business Affairs at Greenwoods Eldercare Society:

Greenwoods Eldercare Society is a non-profit and as such is funded by user-fees, grants and donations. In most instances, Greenwoods is required to comply with stringent regulations in regard to its funding sources, with little flexibility.  The Business Affairs office is located in the foyer of Greenwoods Complex Care facility at 133 Blain Road.  Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM and we require appointments to be booked in advance which can be done by calling the main number (250-537-5561) and selecting the Business Affairs office extension (222).

User Fees:

As an affiliate of Island Health (IH), fee structures are determined in accordance with provincial government mandates, and are assessed and calculated by Island Health initially, and annually, by the relevant case manager. Island Health is the first point of contact in regard to all aspects of rate setting – Greenwoods Eldercare Society does not set Complex Care or Assisted Living fee rates.  

The current provincial mandate determines that resident user fees of Greenwoods Complex Care or Braehaven Assisted Living are based on the after-tax income, of earnings two years prior to the current.  In the case of Greenwoods, the fee is 80% of after tax income and collected from the resident on a monthly basis.  In the case of Braehaven, the fee is 70% and it is collected on a monthly basis. The model uses the two years prior tax assessment, as the year 1 return is filed by the end of April year 2, then assessed by IH late in year 2 to determine the user fee effective from January of year 3. For example, earnings for January to December 2014 are filed with CRA by April 2015 and used to determine the January to December 2016 user fee.    

If IH is unable to obtain a tax assessment for a resident by the end of year 2, they will not provide any subsidy and Greenwoods would be required to collect the maximum mandated user fee rate, which increases annually. It is therefore critically important that tax returns for residents are undertaken in a timely and consistent manner. 

User Fees for Respite Rooms: 

IH funded respite room placements are still assessed by IH with a user fee based on the lowest user rate. This is billed and collected in the same way as permanent resident fees, based on the number of days of use. 

Greenwoods has a private funded respite room that is billed at the maximum rate as IH provides no subsidies for this room. From time to time financial assistance is available and funded from donations. Should a private respite resident wish to avail themselves of this, a written application can be made to the Executive Director. 

Meal-on-Wheels. Day Care and Community Bathing Fees:

Fees charged for the above programmes are based on those determined by IH in the annual contractual agreement with Greenwoods. 

Personal Comfort Items:

Personal comfort items are those that have been requested by the resident or the Power of Attorney/family. These would include: Haircare, Footcare, Miscellaneous Shopping items;  Store Cupboard items, and personal Incontinent Supplies. Haircare and Footcare are provided by third-party service providers but collectively paid by Greenwoods and debited to the individual residents’ accounts. Miscellaneous Shopping, Store Cupboard and Incontinent Supplies are charged to residents’ accounts on a cost-recovery basis. 

Billing Process:

User fees for Greenwoods Complex Care and Braehaven Assisted Living are billed monthly in advance. Comfort items, Respite, Meal-on-Wheels, Day Care and Community Bathing fees are billed in arrears, based on usage in the prior month. 

A statement of account is generated and emailed to residents or their Power of Attorneys on or about the 3rd of the month advising them of the amounts to be collected from the resident’s nominated bank account via the monthly bank pre-authorised debit process. Where an email address is not provided, a statement of account is mailed. 

On or around the 5th of the month, bank pre-authorised debits are generated and presented to the Greenwoods bankers for collection from residents’ accounts. These would settle the account balance at that time. 

Responsibility for the Account:

It is the responsibility of the resident, user or Power of Attorney to pay their account or make provision for collection of such payments. Greenwoods does not have any provision to write off balances not paid and will move to collection of outstanding balances if no response has been received from communication regarding outstanding balances. Cost of collections including NSF cheques/bank charges, will be raised to the user’s account.  

Please note that Greenwoods Eldercare Society is moving toward collection of fees on a pre-authorized debit model for all programs.  This effort is intended to reduce stress for caregivers and clients, streamline our collection processes and reduce problems with collecting and processing fees.

Financial Information for Caregivers