A Wonderful Tea Party!

We were very fortunate to have the kind ladies from the Women’s Institute host a lovely tea party on February 13th. The mood was lively as we sipped our tea and indulged in some amazing cake that the ladies baked especially for us.  It was great to see friends re-connecting and we even got to share in a sing song that brought all of our songbirds out. At the end of our party, our residents were given a beautiful handmade Valentine that the ladies so thoughtfully made. It was a wonderful party full of smiles and laughter, which we would like to thank our Women’s Institute Ladies for making it possible.  (Click any image for a larger view).

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea

Our 2014 Annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea was an afternoon to remember. It was wonderful to see nearly 50 of our amazing volunteers come out and celebrate with us. 

We had many touching speeches giving thanks and appreciation to our fantastic team of volunteers! Our catered food from Penny’s Pantry was very much enjoyed with many compliments shared. The room was decorated with over 150 stems of fresh gladiolas giving bursts of color everywhere you looked. 

At the end of our party our volunteers left with some beautiful flowers and a special little handmade gift that our residents helped create. It was great time enjoyed by all and we are looking forward to hosting another special event next year.​

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Greenwoods Eldercare Society is a Thrifty’s Smile Card program participant.  When Thrifty’s customers load and use a Greenwoods-Thrifty’s Smile Card a percentage of the purchase is donated to the Greenwoods Eldercare Society by Thrifty Foods.  The goal is to raise funds to purchase a new accessible bus to replace the current bus used to operate programs and services provided by the Society.  This is a multi year effort and the total amount needed to purchase a new bus is over $100,000.  While our old bus has years of useful life we are starting our efforts to fund replacement early – if you are a Thrifty’s customer please participate. 

Greenwoods-Thrifty’s Smile Cards are available from the business office at Greenwoods.  Please see Bill Slade during weekday business hours if you would like to obtain a card.  

Click here for more information about the Thrifty's Smile Card Program...

Who’s the Boss now?

Greenwoods residents enjoyed pulling a little joke on our Landscape Architect, Peter Oro the other day. 

Our seniors were very excited to be wearing their new “Boss” contractor hats, surprised Peter and broke the news that they were now the Boss. Many a laugh was shared and in the end the residents decided he should remain the “boss” because he was doing such a wonderful job. 

Peter is now nearing completion of our Phase 2 garden renovation which is looking amazing. We all have been admiring the progress from inside, but are now excited to get out into this new space and start enjoying it.

1st Annual Braehaven Family BBQ

We are very pleased to share the success of our first annual Braehaven Family BBQ held on June 21st 2014.   With our residents inviting their family and friends, we welcomed 25 guests to share in this special occasion with us. The weather was beautiful and many of our residents chose to dine on our garden patio. We had barbequed salmon on the menu along with fresh greens, bean salad and coleslaw. We also made our amazing herb lemonade, complete with herbs from our gardens. That was an absolute hit with us polishing off well over 10 litres.

We all shared our appreciation to our amazing volunteers who cooked, cleaned and helped make this event the success it was. It truly was a memorable day for our residents to share with their loved ones and everyone left with full bellies and smiles on their faces. Back by popular demand, we will definitely be hosting this event again next year.

Visit to the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair

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