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Support for Caregivers

  • Sometimes caregivers are so wrapped up in caring for their loved one they discount their own needs entirely. If you have the responsibility of caring for a loved one who requires your increasing attention, then it is important to recognize that you will need a break. This document provides information to assist caregivers is getting the help they need to provide the best care for their loved ones.

Financial Information for Caregivers

  • This information, from the Business Affairs office at Greenwoods Eldercare Society, outlines the User fees, Meals-on-Wheels, Day care,  and Community Bathing fees.  Also described are Personal Comfort items, the Billing Process, and Responsibility for the Account.  

Salt Spring Island Caregiver Support Group

  • A local support group and resource base for caregivers that require advice, assistance and a person to talk with locally. This group is a supportive welcoming environment to obtain support on the financial, legal, emotional and social challenges of caregiving.  Memory loss is a frequent topic and useful tips from people that have had experience and insight are offered.  Contact Marg Monro to learn more at 250-537-5004

Frontotemporal Disorders:  Information for Patients, Families and Caregivers

  • This booklet is meant to help people with frontotemporal disorders, their families, and caregivers learn more about these conditions and resources for coping. It explains what is known about the different types of disorders and how they are diagnosed. Most importantly, it describes how to treat and manage these difficult conditions, with practical advice for caregivers.​

A Prescription for Fall Prevention

  • Approximately one third of community-based persons over 65 have one or more falls each year, and this increases to 60% for residents of nursing homes.  This presentation contains some very useful information and guidelines for fall prevention.

Dementia Caregiver's Manual

  • Caregivers often state the most important goal is to care for their loved one.  However, sometimes they must be reminded to care for themselves, to remain physically and mentally able to care for others.    Looking after someone with dementia is exhausting and you must take care of yourself by developing “survival strategies” as presented in this manual.

Family Caregivers' Network Society

  • ​FCNS is  a not-for-profit society established in 1989 whose mission is to inform, support and educate on issues of concern to family caregivers. FCNS is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, 60% of who are or have been family caregivers themselves. FCNS promotes the significance of the family caregiver’s role and contribution in the healthcare system.​

Resources for Caregivers