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Both the Greenwoods Complex Care facility and the Braehaven Assisted Living residence are considered the homes of the people that live in the buildings. Therefore, we provide tours only to clients that have been assessed by the Home & Community Care department of Island Health. While we understand that there is significant curiosity about the sites, we must balance the need for privacy and maintaining a home-like environment for our existing residents and tenants with providing tours to potential future clients. 

Clients that have been assessed and deemed eligible for Greenwoods Complex Care or Braehaven Assisted Living will be advised by their Island Health Case Manager when it is time to begin preparing for the move to either site. A tour will be arranged prior to move-in by the Complex Care Coordinator (for Greenwoods Complex Care) or the Home & Community Care Case Manager (for Braehaven Assisted Living). We recommend that the client/family/ friend/advocate think about potential questions prior to the tour and bring any questions with them as well as note paper and a pen. Tours usually last approximately one hour and are much more useful if questions are prepared in advance of the tour appointment. 

Tour tips:

  • Pen and paper
  • Questions
  • Measuring tape if there is concern about furniture placement
  •  Obtaining a copy of the schedule of activities offered at the site
  •  Sensitivity to the privacy of the people living at the site (it is their home)
  • ‚Äč Photography must be limited to physical spaces and not include residents or tenants